Anatomy for Emergency Medicine 017: Colles Fractures

Apologies for the sound quality on this one, not as good as it usually is. Any feedback is always appreciated.

More of the Grandma photos here.

Wheeless on Colles and EPL

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  1. Great start Andy, looking forward to the rest of the hand. If you wanted to talk about reduction of these fractures, that would also be appreciated. Where I work at the moment, we just turf them to ortho so I’ve never had to reduce one myself. Would be good to know about.

    • Hmmm -- might be tricky to do without breaking my wrist and reducing it on camera. Though that would be very lethal-weapon-esque.

      Will add it to the growing list of podcasts. Sucks that you don’t get to reductions -- they’re fun!

  2. Hi Andy Neil,
    I have two questions on colles ‘ fracture.
    1) Is it possible have mal- union or non union as a long term complication of this fracture?
    2) Whether, it will leads to carpal tunnel syndrome?

    Thanking You

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