What’s the diagnosis 010

This is a pretty incidental finding so no history to give.


1) Which bit is abnormal?

2) What is it?

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Hydatid Cyst

These also look pretty funky on plain films

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It is caused by Echinococci which is caused by a tape worm common in central and south america. The organ involved usually determines the presentation.

Add to your list of “things I like to have heard of but don’t need to remember in resus at 3am…” [/peekaboo_content]



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  1. There is a Resus use of this knowledge.
    A lung hydatid cyst that ruptures can cause an overwhelming asthma / anaphylaxis picture. I thought I saw this once, but it was just bad asthma in an old guy with known liver cysts.
    So -- keep it in the very back of your resus mind! Treatment stays the same!

    • i have to say it wouldn’t be on top of my list when I see anaphylaxis -- even if the x-ray was funky i probably still wouldn’t think of it. Is it endemic in Broome?

      • No Andy -- I was just being a smart arse! Not common, though not to rare either.
        It is acquired by consuming dog faeces -- usually accidentally! We see it in the Aboriginal communities as the native animals (national emblems) are a reservoir. The dogs ea the offal and poo it out creaing contaminated soil, housewares etc.
        A lot of the communities have pretty terrible hygiene -- so the Ecinococci survive to get into the people. Another blight on our “1st world” health standard!
        Are you still seeing leptospirosis in the Liffey?

        • the last lepto patient i saw was acquired rafting in thailand. it still happens in Ireland but the kayakers seem to be getting increasingly aware and taking antibiotics prophylatically it seems.

  2. This looks like a calcified splenic hydatid cyst

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