Anatomy for Emergency Medicine 026: Basic Anatomy of Chest Trauma

This is a screencast of a recent lecture I gave to some first year med students. It’s mainly to give the students some clinical info to keep their regular anatomy teaching relevant. It’s not designed to be a comprehensive intro to trauma in any way.

It’s longer than the usual podcasts so I’ve split into two parts.

Feedback, is as always, welcome.

You may have to click through to the GMEP site to see the full HD version

PDF of slides. 

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  1. Dog in the background says he wants a biscuit, he’s also wants to play outside. Enjoyed the video, cheers!

  2. Jeffrey Siegler says:

    I’m having trouble seeing the anatomy of the chest starting at 21:24 & ending at 22:15.

    Great lecture by the way!

    I love #FOAMed


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