Anatomy for Emergency Medicine 027: Basic Anatomy of Abdomen and Pelvic Trauma

This is the second part of a recent lecture I gave to some first year med students to get across how important their anatomy is to understanding trauma.

First part lives here

You may have to click through to the GMEP site to see the full HD version

PDF of slides

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  1. Thx Andy as a PCP paramedic grad in Canada i love you posts. And look forward to the day i can perform emergency thoracostomies in the field ;0)

  2. Awesome overview Andy

    Enjoyed watching them


  3. Great way to refresh and review…..

  4. Christina Saunderson says:

    Hi Andy, I work with St. John Ambulance in Wellington, New Zealand and was sent your link and really liked your video. Awesome work, way outside my scope but very interesting to watch.

    Thanks again

  5. Always appreciate your videos. The length, visual aids, and commentary are spot on for an EM doc’s personality. Keep it up.


  1. […] vodcasts us through some Basic Anatomy of Abdomen and Pelvic Trauma and Basic Anatomy of Chest Trauma -- Excellent FOAM for the novice, and a nice refresher […]

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