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Getting started

There are a couple of ways that I think are great to get into this Web 2.0 stuff for EM.

  1. Twitter – I know it’s weird but get into it and it’s awesome. Here’s a list of people I follow that tweet a lot about medicine. It’s only to get you started
  2. RSS feeds – I use feedly. Here’s a list of all the EM blogs I follow. If you want to visit just one site then use it has a feed of all the good blogs.
  3. Podcasts – these are wonderful ways to keep learning while walking or driving or even exercising (ughh…)  I can’t find an easy way to export my podcast feed so here’s a link to Life in the Fast Lane’s
  4. Google Plus – there’s only about 3 of us on this but theoretically I think it’s the best platform out there.

If you want some detailed info on how to get started then check out this workshop that I’ve done a few times on getting started in social media.


you could just cheat and get in a once-weekly format that Kane Guthrie puts out.


even better start creating some stuff yourself.

Sneaky screenshot from Mike’s video above

If you’re in Ireland

There are two important sites you need to know about:

the IAEM 

  • these are the guys that hosted the big ICEM2012 conference. They promote, advocate and educate for EM in Ireland.


  • this is the group that represents Irish EM trainees.

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