RCEM Anatomy Curriculum

The Royal College of Emergency Medicine is responsible for setting the exams in Emergency Medicine in the UK and Ireland.

On their site they have lots of great stuff on what they expect an EM doctor to know by the time they finish their training. They have an entire basic science curriculum that tells you everything they expect you to know. I’m trying to very loosely cover it as I do the podcasts.

As I complete the anatomy videos I’ll place hyperlinks on the google doc below so as you go through it you can just click on the link and she a short video to teach you on it.If I find something better on the web that’s already done then I’ll link to that.

In terms of exams this is most relevant to those sitting their membership exams – the MRCEM. However this stuff is core curriculum for all emergency medicine so it’s relevant to everyone.

If there’s anything you know of then let me know and I’ll add it to the list

NB there are 45 pages of anatomicalĀ curriculumĀ so this is a bit of a massive undertaking for me so it’ll take a while to complete and no doubt the curriculum will have changed by the time I finish it…

I have made no attempt to keep up with updated versions of the curriculum since i started this in 2011. The nice thing about anatomy is that only tends to change on an evolutionary timescale. However its relative importance within a post graduate curriculum will certainly vary.


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