This site exists to hopefully foster education, reflection, enthusiasm, conversation and hopefully a sense of humour in emergency medicine in Ireland.

We’re a mixed group of EM doctors based in Ireland, with a passion for freely available, open access medical education (otherwise known as #FOAMed).

Dr Andy Neill FOAM(Ed)
EM Reg/Resident based near Dublin. Former anatomy lecturer, theology student and occasional musician. *Read Posts*
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David Menzies Dr David Menzies FOAM(Ed)
Consultant Emergency Medicine. Ex-luddite, embracing FOAM *Read Posts*
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Dr John Cronin FOAM(Ed)
Consultant Emergency Medicine. Former Paeds EM Research Fellow *Read Posts*
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Dr Cian McDermott FOAM(Ed)
Consultant Emergency Medicine. *Read Posts*
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7 Replies to “Authors

  1. Nice site Andy.
    But …. you are an EM (not ED) Registrar – the distinction is important!
    Keep up the good work.

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  4. Hi , working as a ECP in North east Uk , stumbled across the site , found it really good ! Learned allot and it’s nice and simple .. My fellow co workers love it too !! Keep up the good work guys , and thanks once again.. Paul Sadler , Newcastle

  5. Hi Andy
    I am going to present in our local MM meeting.
    Would you let me knw how to add Scrolable CT to a powerpoint / keynote slide.

    Thank you so much

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