NOTICE – This blog represents our opinions and should not be considered representative of views of emergency medicine in Ireland. The Irish Association for Emergency Medicine can be found here. The body representing trainees in Ireland is the The Irish Emergency Medicine Trainees Association and their site can be found here.

This site exists to hopefully foster education, reflection, enthusiasm, conversation and hopefully a sense of humour in emergency medicine in Ireland.

I’ve done most of my training so far (I’ve still a fair bit left to do…) in Northern Ireland, New Zealand and Dublin and spent 2 yrs on a clinical hiatus teaching anatomy (though mainly it was me learning…) in Dublin. It gave me enough time to keep this site updated. I’ve been back in the ED since July 2012. I am a flexible trainee in emergency medicine and as a result I just might end up as the most overtrained emergency physician in the country.

If you’re interested I also occasionally blog on life, books, theology and canoeing over at NellyAndI and have some music at End Any Ill

I also currently act as the Social Media Editor for the International Journal for Emergency Medicine and am an active member of the RCEM FOAMed network

Thanks for visiting.

Andy Neill