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I spent a few years teaching anatomy here for a living. It wasn’t EM but it was a lot of fun.

Seeing as so much of what we do is diagnosis based so having a good grasp on where the bits of the body are and how they work (OK so i know that’s sneaking towards physiology…) is key to what we do.

The increasing use of radiology and in particular ultrasound means we need to be the bees-knees at the anatomy.

If you can’t tell trapezoid from your trapezius or the difference between spondylolysis and spondylosis and spondylolisthesis then here’s an example of one of the videos.

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For non iTunes users, try this page for the RSS feed. You can also see a full collection here on Vimeo

Feel free to download, reuse and do send the videos on to anyone you know might be interested. All I ask is that you acknowledge where you got them from and don’t try to make lots of money off them by putting them behind a pay wall

The music from the intro is my own and can be found here

I enjoy making them but they take up a huge amount of time. I did previously have a donate button and some very kind people were supportive but I’m in a position to cover the costs myself now so have removed it.

There are lots of ways of making screencasts but I use Keynote for the slides and Screenflow for the recording (both on Mac). If you want access to the original Keynote presentations/images send me an email.

Anatomy for Emergency Medicine Podcast series

46Sensory Innervation of the FootAFEM45
45Sensory Innervation of the EarAFEM45
44Sensory Innervation of the face Part 03AFEM44
43Sensory Innervation of the face Part 03AFEM43
42Sensory Innervation of the face Part 02AFEM42
41Sensory Innervation of the face Part 01AFEM41
40Hand Part 8: Blood Supply and the thumbAFEM40
39Hand Part 7: Intrinsic MusclesAFEM 39
38Hand Part 6: Nerve SupplyAFEM 38
37Hand Part 5: Flexor tendonsAFEM 37
36Hand Part 4: Extensor TendonsAFEM 36
35Hand Part 3: The FingersAFEM 35
34Hand Part 2: The Finger tipAFEM 34
33Hand Part 1: Lingo and soft tissuesAFEM 33
32Eye Anatomy Part 3AFEM 32ophthalmologyeye, ophthalmology
31Eye Anatomy Part 2AFEM 31ophthalmologyeye, ophthalmology
30Eye Anatomy Part 1AFEM 30ophthalmologyeye, ophthalmology
29SMACC Gold NeuroanatomyAFEM 29neuroanatomytrauma
28Fascia Iliaca BlockAFEM 28anatomy, hip fracturetrauma
27Basic Anatomy of Abdomen and Pelvic TraumaAFEM 27trauma, anatomy, abdomen, pelvistrauma
26Basic Anatomy of Chest TraumaAFEM 26trauma, anatomy, chestTrauma
25PK SMACC Talk: NeuroanatomyAFEM 25neuroanatomyNeuroanatomy
24Shoulder: Nerve CompressionsAFEM 24Shoulder, anatomy, nerve compressionsUpper limb, shoulder
23Shoulder: dislocationsAFEM 23Shoulder, anatomy, dislocationsUpper limb, shoulder
22Shoulder: AC and SC JointAFEM 22shoulder, anatomy, SC Joint, AC jointUpper limb, shoulder
21Shoudler: Subacromial space and labrumAFEM 21shoulder, anatomy, subacromial, labrumUpper limb, shoulder
20Shoulder: The Rotator CuffAFEM 20shoulder, anatomy, rotator cuff, BSCCUpper limb, shoulder
19Scaphoid Fractures - Anatomy for EMAFEM 19anatomy, scaphoid, wrist, fracture, BSCC
18Scapholunate injuriesAFEM 18wrist, Terry Thomas, scaphoidUpper Limb, wrist
17Colles FracturesAFEM 17Colles, wrist, fracture, orthopaedic, bonesUpper Limb, wrist
16The LMA as a murder weaponAFEM 16Intubation, LMA, airwayNeck, cervical spine
15SMA SyndromeAFEM 15superior mesenteric, bowel obstruction, aortaAbdomen
14Cavernous sinusAFEM 14Venous sinus thrombosis, diplopia, carotid cavernous fistula, cranial nerveBrain
13Posterior Communicating ArteryAFEM 13PCA aneurysm, circle of willis, oculomotor palsyBrain
12Posterior Cerebral ArteryAFEM 12Artery, vascular, brain, cerebrum, circle of willisBrain
11Anterior and Middle Cerebral ArteriesAFEM 11Artery, vascular, brain, cerebrum, circle of willisBrain
10Internal CapsuleAFEM 10stroke, lacunar infarct, circle of willisBrain
9Brain HerniationAFEM 09brain herniation syndrome, TBI, coningBrain
8Cerebral Venous SinusesAFEM 08Cerebral venous sinus thrombosis, stroke,Brain
7CricothyroidotomyAFEM 07Airway, cricothyroidotomy, pneumomediastinumNeck, airway
6.3Spinal Cord InjuryAFEM 06.3brown-seqard, horner's syndromeSpinal Cord
6.2Spinal Cord InjuryAFEM 06.2central cord syndrome, cauda equinaSpinal Cord
6.1Spinal Cord InjuryAFEM 06.1anterior cord syndrome, vertebral columnSpinal Cord
5CSF circulationAFEM 05hydrocephalus, sub-arachnoidBrain
4LisFranc InjuriesAFEM 04lisfranc, mid-footLower limb, Foot
3Ankle injuriesAFEM 03weber classification, ATFL, ankle jointLower limb, Ankle
2Vertebral ArteryAFEM 02vertebral artery dissectionCervical spine, vascular
1Cervical SpineAFEM 01Atlas, axis, transverse ligament axis, anterior longitudinal ligament, vertebral column, peg fractureNeck, cervical spine
CNasal CavityAFEM Cepistaxis, nasal fractures, septal haematomamaxillo-facial
BCervical SpineAFEM BAtlas, axis, transverse ligament axis, anterior longitudinal ligament, vertebral column, peg fractureCervical spine
A2ShoulderAFEM A2Shoulder, AC Joint, SC JointUpper limb, Shoulder
A1ShoulderAFEM A1Shoulder, shoulder dislocationUpper limb, Shoulder

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    • thanks david, i think i found this site earlier in the year but hadn’t been back to it.

      i’ll add it to the list above

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  2. Hey Andy, Really Really REALLY love your podcasts. Studying for MCEM A and the anatomy is finally coming back to me with your help. Thanks!

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  4. Hey Andy, I just stumbled upon your anatomy EM podcast and absolutely love it! Its been a huge help in tying together clinical diseases with the imaging and anatomy. And I love re-learning all the anatomical details i’ve forgotten since med school. Thanks!

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