I am a joint EM and ICM consultant now PGY 18 as of 2021 and appointed to a consultant post working in both specialties in 2021. I have worked in Northern Ireland, New Zealand and since 2010 in Dublin.

If you’re interested I also occasionally blog on life, books, theology and canoeing over at NellyAndI and have some music at End Any Ill

In terms or conflicts of interest, I’m yet to find a way to get paid to get paid for this FOAMed stuff. I briefly added a donate button when i was a trainee to help cover the cost of hosting (particularly for the anatomy podcast) but all the material remains free and I have since taken down the donate option. Thanks to all who donated  – it really helped keep things going.

I do occasionally promote some conferences, some times because i just think it’s a good conference, sometimes because I happen to be teaching at it. Again, I am yet to get paid to speak at a conference but they will frequently cover expenses such as travel and accommodation and I will try to make that clear when I post about it.

I did lead the podcast project for RCEM Learning but this is entirely unpaid. They have provided some funding for some audio equipment for the project and they cover my expenses to attend meetings

Andy Neill


NOTICE – This blog represents a personal opinion and should not be considered representative of views of emergency medicine in Ireland in general. The Irish Association for Emergency Medicine can be found here. The body representing trainees in Ireland is the The Irish Emergency Medicine Trainees Association and their site can be found here.

If you need personal medical advice then go elsewhere, see your GP, go to the ED, phone an ambulance if you have to. This site is not intended as medical advice.

For professional medical people reading this site: the posts are my opinion and for information purposes and do not constitute my medical advice for how to treat your patients. Drug doses should be found and checked in the appropriate literature.

There will be frequent use of sarcasm, irony and other forms of humour. Those deficient in such senses would better spend their time with a box-set of 30 Rock and The Simpsons

While x-rays and ECG images may come from personal archive, any cases discussed on this website are imaginary vignettes and not representative of real patients.

I am a sceptic when it comes to most things including the medical literature though that’s more of a cognitive bias than a conflict of interest but it’s probably worth knowing