Click for Source [St Emlyns]
Click for Source [St Emlyns]
Attaining Fellowship of the College of Emergency Medicine requires passing the somewhat intimidating FRCEM exam, a somewhat behemoth of an exam with 5 parts (at last count). It is of course, perfectly passable, it just takes a lot of work.  There’s already some good stuff out there on #FRCEM hashtag and there’s some great shared notes and images from both Natalie May and her shared Evernote and Kirsty Challen‘s wonderful mnemonic images. Dhruba Tamuli has been in the process of developing a site dedicated to the FRCEM over at It requires the extra step of registration but this is free. EMRevision is another site but this has a subscription associated (£120/yr as of Oct 2015)

There are (so I’m told…) lots of back alley, papers sneaked out of the exam, fell off the back of a lorry… type resources going round and I hopefully won’t be sharing anything in that category. If I do share resources that people feel they have a certain ownership on or undermine the exam then please let me know and I’ll rectify it.

First up is the critical appraisal exam. I’ll add further sections to this page  as I go along. Unfortunately as I passed this beast in 2017 I have made no attempt to keep up with the seemingly unending changes to the format of the exam.

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