ECG Case 003

This is fairly simple straightforward case but it reinforced something for me.

4am standby call for a STEMI. At 4am. Was he shovelling snow at 4am?


Chest pain for 9 hours.


Blackouts and syncope.

I gave a talk to our registrars recently on falls and blackouts. Such a colossal topic in 45 minutes was never gonna cover all the material so I ended up focusing on the ECG in syncope and falls assessment in the elderly.

In the spirit of FOAM (Free Open-Access Meducation) I figured all the work I’d already done was worth spreading around to more than the 8 people that were there.

So here it is in video form…

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Apologies to the international listeners if I get a bit speedy with the old talking.

As usual, I’d love to hear any comments or corrections you might have.