Blackouts and syncope.

28 Aug

I gave a talk to our registrars recently on falls and blackouts. Such a colossal topic in 45 minutes was never gonna cover all the material so I ended up focusing on the ECG in syncope and falls assessment in the elderly.

In the spirit of FOAM (Free Open-Access Meducation) I figured all the work I’d already done was worth spreading around to more than the 8 people that were there.

So here it is in video form…


Credits to:

Apologies to the international listeners if I get a bit speedy with the old talking.

As usual, I’d love to hear any comments or corrections you might have.

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  1. As a 2nd year Paramedic student in Ontario Canada, I really appreciated this talk. its great to have further insight into a condition we experience often in the pre-hospital setting. Keep them coming.

  2. syncope is transient loss of consciousness due to global brain hypoxia – not sure that i’d classify seizure as a cause of syncope as the mechanism of LOC in an epileptic seizure is not global brain hypoxia. although you can get convulsive syncope, in that case the seizure in as a consequence to rather than a cause of the syncopal episode. my two cents…

  3. well put – i had seizure in that list more as something we confuse with syncope rather than a cause of syncope itself. There have been lots of people with long QTs diagnosed with epilepsy when actually they’re having cardiogenic syncope

  4. Cheers Andy. Refreshing to find good quality podcasts that aren’t North American. Often times there are quite marked differences in material you find from across the pond. Gearing up for finals at the moment and knowing how to deal with emergencies is the bread and butter of pass-fail situations. Hopefully it won’t get to that (oh dear) but if you have anything else you’d like to share, any other presentations that are half as good as this sure it’d only be great if you stuck them up. Thoughts on chest pain…?

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