4 Replies to “Anatomy for Emergency Medicine 017: Colles Fractures

  1. Great start Andy, looking forward to the rest of the hand. If you wanted to talk about reduction of these fractures, that would also be appreciated. Where I work at the moment, we just turf them to ortho so I’ve never had to reduce one myself. Would be good to know about.

    • Hmmm – might be tricky to do without breaking my wrist and reducing it on camera. Though that would be very lethal-weapon-esque.

      Will add it to the growing list of podcasts. Sucks that you don’t get to reductions – they’re fun!

  2. Hi Andy Neil,
    I have two questions on colles ‘ fracture.
    1) Is it possible have mal- union or non union as a long term complication of this fracture?
    2) Whether, it will leads to carpal tunnel syndrome?

    Thanking You

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