Anatomy for Emergency Medicine 007: Cricothyroidotomy

23 Feb

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As mentioned in the video here are some of the cric resources out there on the interweb

Minh Le Cong on EMCrit and twitter

Needle v Knife on EMCrit

Video of cric by Scott on vimeo, and another

The Ultrasound Podcast on US guided cric

HQMEDED on Vimeo

And the collection to rule them all on LITFL


You want more?

This is a nice review of the clinical anatomy:

Boon JM, Abrahams PH, Meiring JH, Welch T. Cricothyroidotomy: a clinical anatomy review. Clin. Anat. 2004 Sep.;17(6):478–486. PMID 15300867

And here’s my list of cric papers:

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