Echo Interpretation lecture for EM

19 Feb

I was asked to give a talk on echo for EM by the lovely folk at St Vincent’s University Hospital. It was good fun and people engaged really well but i completely ran out of time so I promised I would record the talk and post it here for the rest of the talk.

I emphasise the focus on 2D imaging as first and foremost. I have become one of those echo people who now loves colour and doppler and niche board exam type echo stuff. There is of course an important role for comprehensive echo in critical care but most of the value is on 2D imaging.

I also try (and likely fail) to emphasis the importance of the clinical context in decision making in these types of scenarios.

I use a few clips from Peter Moran’s excellent collection of Tweetorials on image acquisition which i have linked to here.

The video is below and abuse and comments and criticisms are, if not welcome, at least tolerated when delivered in good humour.

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