Medical Complications of Pregnancy

22 Nov

This is a talk I gave recently for our registrar teaching morning. Not the sexiest presentation (forgive the bullets) but hopefully will give you the basic, textbook level info a al foamcast style


Direct Download [60mb]




2 Replies to “Medical Complications of Pregnancy

  1. Hi Andy
    Enjoyed this. Reminded me of a spontaneous coronary artery dissection (scad) that I encountered in a 30 year old, 10 days post partum. Ecg taken while she had pain showed classic LAD ST elevation which resolved seconds later with normal subsequent ecg, and a request to go home. I could so easily have missed this had the ecg not been taken while she had symptoms. Have a high index of suspicion with chest pain in any post partum female- she wouldn’t be in the ED without her newborn if there wasn’t something going on!

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