More on Horner’s syndrome…

11 Jun

Following on from my Horner’s Syndrome post here’s something much more useful and educational on the same subject

LITFL have a great run through of anisocoria here:

UPDATE – even since I wrote this one, LITFL has published a pretty definitive review of Horner’s. Just go read that now and stop reading this!

Particularly these videos from Sam Tapsell (the relevant Horner’s part is at 3:35)


and dedicated to Horner’s is this one:


Things I learnt:

– there is a pharmacological means of confirming a Horners (though with the apraclonidine test you need to wait an hour which is probably of no use to us)

– a transient Horner’s with cluster headaches is common

– and i finally think I know what a Homes-Adie pupil is

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