More thorns in the flesh

1 Jun

[While x-rays and ECG images may come from personal archive, any cases discussed on this website are imaginary vignettes and not representative of real patients.]

Just as I published the post on US for FB another one came along

This time a finger injury from a month prior that had been coming back to our review clinic with no real progress. He admitted he’d been gardening but didn’t think he’d got anything in it.

This was the US

It was a 2.5mm thorn and it was very superficial and easy to remove.

Two things to note

1) – the machine was nice enough to have one of the wee “hockey-stick” probes with a 2cm footprint which is lovely for this type of thing

2) – I submerged the whole hand in a basin of water and popped the probe in the water over the finger. I find this much easier than making the glove water bath thingy.

I had a quick search on the net for a video of both the basin as a water bath and glove as a stand off but didn’t find any. Anyone know of any good ones?

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