RCEM Learning #FOAMed workshop

9 Oct

December 12th 2016

Octavia House | London

FOAMed has been around for a while now. I’ve been involved in producing online content since May 2011 (wow… that was a long time ago now…) and have learnt so much over the years about how to do things more efficiently and more effectively.

I’m always keen to get more people producing content as I have no doubt that there’s some real super heroes out there that we could all learn from.

So we at RCEM Learning have designed this one day workshop to help give you the knowledge and skills to produce your own content either for your own platform or through the RCEM Learning platform.

I don’t think any of us involved could be considered “experts” (apart from Nigel…) but we’re all super keen and have made learned loads through our many mistakes over the years.

So if you’ve always wanted to stop lurking and start producing then come along.

It’s low cost and we’ve got a great faculty (well we got Simon Carley and Nigel anyhow…) and we’d love to see you there

Booking link


Declaration of interest:

I am part of the RCEM Learning team which is entirely voluntary. Though they did buy me a microphone once and cover my travel expenses.


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