SMACC Gold is Coming

14 Sep

I missed last years SMACC, much to my dismay. A much awaited baby and a struggling bank account got in the way. The baby was (and still is fun), the bank account not so much…

But SMACC is back. It’s not just some guys in the back of a pub talking about twitter as Scott remarked. While it still may be a tad testicle heavy, the line up for SMACC Gold (it’s in the Gold Coast in Oz, hence the name…) is looking pretty great.

I’ll be there and even have the pleasure of getting to give a little talk. On anatomy of course…

The registrations open Monday and the big thing to look out for are the pre-conference workshops – ┬áthere’s some pretty cool ones but they’ll be sure to sell out fast so get in quick.

According to my screenshot below Cliff Reid’s forehead will be there and two, count ’em two Matt Dawsons.

See you all there.


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