Tasty Morsels of EM 035 – Erythema Multiforme

7 Oct

I keep a little, ever-expanding note on my phone where I jot down little morsels of goodness that I pick up while listening to or reading one of the many excellent sites/podcasts in the useful resource section. They’re useful in a kind of “board review” way. I tend to skip the really basic stuff and try and focus on what I didn’t know.

I’ll try and transfer them here for your enlightenment.


  • Target lesions

  • Usually symmetrical and involves hands and feet

  • Frequent mucous membrane erosions (called EM major if mucous membrane involved. This is the SJS/TEN spectrum)

  • Common Associations

    • HSV

    • Mycoplasma

    • Drugs only about 10% overall, with NSAIDs and sulphonamides commonest causes



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