Tasty Morsels of EM 016

5 Aug

I keep a little, ever-expanding note on my phone where I jot down little morsels of goodness that I pick up while listening to or reading one of the many excellent sites/podcasts in the useful resource section.

I’ll try and transfer them here for your enlightenment.

Via LITFL’s wonderful ECG section:

  • inverted u waves are specific for ischemia (if you need to know what they are check out the link)
  • axis easiest calculated with I and aVF ( I used to use leas I, II and III but i think I and aVF is probably easier)
  • with regards to rotation (different from axis)
    • transition point between right and left should be isoelectric and normally V3/4
    • with clockwise rotation the isoelctric point moves to V5/6
    • with anticlockwise rotation the isoelectric point is V1/2
    • rotates towards hypertrophy and away from infarction





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