Tasty Morsels of EM 025

27 Oct

I keep a little, ever-expanding note on my phone where I jot down little morsels of goodness that I pick up while listening to or reading one of the many excellent sites/podcasts in the useful resource section.

I’ll try and transfer them here for your enlightenment.

From Chris Cresswell’s Emergency Medicine Tutorials

Really simple idea that I’ve never actually tried. I’ve done this on wrists multiple times but never thought of doing it for ribs.

In someone with a well defined rib fracture or two

  • perform a haematoma block
  • find the fracture site with your finger (or ultrasound if you can)
  • insert the needle in a way that you’re happy you’re in the haematoma (hitting nearby bone is a good sign)
  • inject your long-acting local of choice.

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