Tasty Morsels of EM 027 – Head Injury

8 Mar
  • EDH is of course normally mid meningeal artery but also be:
    • diploic veins (traversing the skull)
    • venous sinuses
    • mid meningeal vein (same course as the artery)
  • the classic lucid period presentation of EDH is exception rather than the rule
  • SDHs much more likely to have delayed presentations
  • blood from an SDH can be isodense with brain about 7-14 days post event (see CT below)
  • parenchymal contusion is the most common +ve finding over all 
  • cerebral vasospasm can occur after traumatic SAH but much less common than spontaneous SAH
Delayed SDH with midline shift and all that


Harwood-Nuss Clinical Practice of Emergency Medicine, 5th Ed, LWW 2010

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