The Rules

25 Jun

This was something I jotted down a few years ago after reflecting on some of my mistakes and on the slightly hyperactive, attention deficit work practice that I’ve developed.

The Rules

  • Remember dual pathology on X-rays
  • Think laterally, always reconsider the differential despite what may seem obvious
  • Be thorough in all aspects of history, examination, notation, treatment and disposal
  • Work slower
  • Fight for the patient
  • Always go and see the patient the junior or the nurse asks about
  • Pee
  • Eat
  • Do not be afraid to follow up patients on the phone
  • Keep a list of all the interesting patients
  • Keep copies of x-rays/CTs/ECGs
  • Ignore any pressure that is not in the patient’s best interests

I think I’ve broken most of them by the time I’ve read them…

If you want some other ones check out this episode of ER Cast. Rob’s axioms are at the end of the podcast.

4 Replies to “The Rules

  1. Amen!

    Regarding your 2nd and 3rd points…have you read, “How Doctors Think” by Groopman? He really goes into confirmation bias and its sometime deleterious results.

    I am so kicking myself for not keeping copies of x-rays from when I worked in the Whistler A & E. Oh. My. Lord. The fractures…oh, the fractures!!

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