The EM Literature

As I’m sure we all do, I read journals. While the textbook may be dead, journals are still going strong (even if they have problems) and there is more research than ever being produced.

It is impossible to read it all. Stop trying. However we need to read at least some of it and hopefully the most important bits. We also need to be able to critique a paper and highlight its strengths and weaknesses.

The three best resources I’ve found on this are:

  1. Emergency Medical Abstracts: Absolutely fantastic. Pricy unless you’re an EMRA member but worth it. They have some videos online for free.¬†
  2. EM Literature of Note: Ryan Radecki’s sterling little blog that covers a lot of the important stuff being published
  3. R&R in the fast lane. A real FOAM enterprise and you’ll discover all kinds of papers you wouldn’t otherwise.

I read and review a reasonable number myself and they’re all filed here on the site under “critical¬†appraisal.”

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