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8 Oct

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Update 26-10-16:

My current ED has just introduced an OT led clinic for volar plate injuries. In the process of this i found out that there’s a classification system for volar plate injuries called the Eaton system. It’s a useful way of thinking about  the injuries as it allows you to classify them in terms of severity and likely need for operative fixation.

Radiopaedia has a lovely article on it from which the following text is taken (original authors Dr Praveen Jha and Dr Charlie Chia-Tsong Hsu):

  • Eaton type I: hyperextension mechanism of injury with an avulsion of the volar plate and a longitudinal tear of the collateral ligaments; the opposing joint surface remain congruent
  • Eaton type II: dorsal dislocation of the PIP joint with avulsion of the volar plate; there is complete tear of the collateral ligament
  • Eaton type III
    • Eaton type IIIa
      • fracture dislocation with an avulsed small fragment <40% of articular surface
      • dorsal aspect of the collateral ligament remains attached to the middle phalanx
    • Eaton type IIIb
      • fracture dislocation with fracture or impaction of the articular surface of more than 40%

If i get a chance i’ll add a slide to the podcast about it


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