Anatomy for Emergency Medicine 023 – Shoulder: Dislocations

18 Dec

This is a fun one. We all love a good dislocation.

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I cannot recommend enough. Spend some time there, get a room, enjoy the view. There’s some great stuff on there.

If you’re into papers then this one from Neil Cunningham from a few years ago has some great stuff in it.

Here’s a video of the technique in action

Image credits: Shoulder dislocation with fracture greater tuberosity Rupture long head biceps.

PS apologies for audio on this one. Levels were set wrong.


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6 Replies to “Anatomy for Emergency Medicine 023 – Shoulder: Dislocations

  1. Thanks for the great lecture Andy.
    Is there a risk of entrapping the fractured greater tuberosity during the reduction, if there is such an avulsion injury?

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