Cric Paper published

9 May

I am in the midst of correcting anatomy papers so there’s not much activity on here. There is however time to point out that me and my bestie Phil, managed to get our cricothyroidotomy paper published.

It’s available here through the EMJ if you have access.

As author, I’m also allowed to share the pdf with up to 100 colleagues/friends. I’m not sure I have even a 100 colleagues/friends but if you want a copy just send me an email (emergencymedicineireland [at] gmail] and I’ll send you one.

I’ve put the original proof version of the manuscript here if you don’t want all the hassle of actually sending me an email.

Cric Manuscript

Finally here’s me chatting to Minh Le Cong about it.

More importantly Minh now has his own site so be sure and check that out.

There shall be lots more activity here and podcasts too, whenever I get these (700 or so) exams marked.

6 Replies to “Cric Paper published

  1. Bravo! I’ll have to keep some pens in my wilderness bag. Right now I rely on a #11 scapel and a 32fr NPA.

    I believe this lays the ground to research if a 2L empty soda bottle could be used as a BVM when attached to a pen!

  2. Relay enjoyed this paper. It’s medical research with a twinkle in its eye… Good fun, and who knows may be just the confidence boost one needs to actually do something crazy one day?

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