Emergency medicine handbook

16 Aug

If you read this then you already know there’s lots of great stuff out there on the internet for learning in emergency medicine. Indeed you may have been directed here in the hope of finding some. Well for once I can direct you the right way!

Back when we were all on dial up… OK so not that long ago… Long before I started using the net for medical education these guys in the republic of Cork were setting up and running the emergency medicine handbook. 

It’s a great resource that I used in part during my membership exams as it covers a lot of the common and important topics in emergency medicine.

It is, of course, free and all that so head over and check it out.

Being the anatomy geek I am, they have some lovely labelled images of x-rays which are really useful when you’re just starting out. They even come with links to Manchester’s finest Best Bets.

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  1. I cannot commend this site(which I read daily, and vigorously pursue the links) highly enough Andy. Well done on a fabulous effort.

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