Greg Henry at ICEM 2012

23 Jul

This is a truly inspiring lecture given by none other than the legend Greg Henry. If you like what you see he writes occasionally on EPMonthly and his posts can be found here.

If you’ve had a shitty few months in the job and have forgotten why you do it then watch this and remember why you went into it.

Thanks again to Dr Henry for permission to use it and to the IEMTA for organising this particular session at the ICEM 2012 conference in Dublin in July.

If you want more ICEM goodness then check out

4 Replies to “Greg Henry at ICEM 2012

  1. Andy you captured something magic here. We’re so lucky to have it – an absolute treasure. Every single emergency physician should see it – even 50 years from now! I wish I’d been there in person to join in the standing ovation – this was brilliant.

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