#FOAM – what is it?

17 Jul

You’ll have noted the lack of activity round here since the conference. Phewww. Fingers burned out from tweeting.

Also just started a new reg job (working as a resident) so I’m having to get used to doing real work again šŸ˜‰

But I have a whole heap of stuff as high as a house to post on. The conference was a greatĀ stimulusĀ for thinking and ideas and there’s some wonderful stuff recorded that I really encourage you to check out.

Me caught in the act of trying to steal Mike’s laptop…

I managed to get a video recording of Mike Cadogan outlining the future of medical education. The video and audio isn’t of the highest quality but the content is pure gold. Worth a watch.


What is FOAMed?

  • Free Open-Access Medical Education.

This isn’t anything that new, if you hang out on the internet you realise that there’s a whole host of emergency docs with great ideas and abilities and they’re putting their skill and talents out there for everyone to use and engage with.

Instead of all those powerpoint slides and images resting on a decaying hard drive – get them out there – let someone else benefit and engage with them. You did a talk one time at rounds? Get it recorded and post it online. If it’s good you’ll hear about it. If you’re wrong someone will tell you and start a conversation on it.

You’ll here more about this I’m sure.

17 Replies to “#FOAM – what is it?

  1. Great lecture and very difficult to deliver. Online medical education is an experience and that’s the main difference between textbooks and #FOAM. We take information and interact with it by having discussions which allows us to see how other people view it. The information is personal, casual, up to date, and depending where it comes from very dependable. Nonetheless, we still need the basic concepts and cilinical experience to make meaning of these blogs, podcasts, and online tools like Twitter and Google+.

    Mike Cadogan has the vision, creativity, and initialtive to start the global project of medical education. #GMEP at its ealry/beta stage shows great potential for the globalization of medical education. He’s been very open to suggestions and has gotten great competent collaborators.

    Thank you both,


  2. Thanks so much for this Andy
    Really appreciate all your effort!
    Sorry about the ‘scruffy’ appearance with the shirt tucking in issue – hope this does not detract from the overall message fo the talk.
    Once again thank you for making this resource available

    • Hi Jeff

      With iMovie. Took the slides and added them in at the appropriate point during the talk. A bit cumbersome as i had to go back and go through the whole talk again myself plugging in each slide but it was pretty straightforward.

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    • Just it can be downloaded from the Vimeo site directly. I think you right click on the vid to watch it on Vimeo and there’s a link for download there. Let me know if there’s any probs.

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