What do you do when your laptop is in the laptop hospital

29 Nov

I have a 4 year old Mac that’s largely held together by duct tape and kind words. I like it that way. The screen has finally started playing silly buggers on me and I’ve finally let a professional have a go at it instead of butchering it myself.

All to say that it makes it bloody hard to do well… anything. My work, study and large part of my entertainment is centred on that little box and it makes it hard to get much done without it. There’s only so much you can do with a dropbox account and an iPhone!

I’ll hopefully return to a more normal blogging schedule once I get it back.

[Typed on a windows machine in work… ughh…]

2 Replies to “What do you do when your laptop is in the laptop hospital

  1. Similar situation – MacBookPro held together by duct tape, but functions as main repository of files, interesting papers, presentations, EM pictures, music and email..

    iPad kind of fills the gap whilst MBP at the doctors….although may have to euthanase the MBP and replace with a MBA instead…thank God for time capsule to allow a backup to where I was last week.

  2. Hi Tim

    I’m still not convinced of the iPad as something truly useful, though it is very shiny and pretty…

    Would be much more tempted by a mac book air.

    It’s been away for a week (for what I was told was a 2 day job) so far so i’m still waiting. Loving the KI Docs by the way, keep up the good work

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